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MPES Engineering is a specialist company providing engineering solutions, training, software and equipment services in mining and mineral processing sectors. MPES has a team of experts with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in economic analysis of mining investments, mine design / optimization and mine planning size reduction process, mainly for grinding.

Our philosophy is to provide economic benefits as a result of increasing productivity through sustainable and qualified approaches. In order to achieve this goal, we follow the latest technological developments. By using the numerical models and simulations correctly, we continue our research and development studies in the fields of education and software to contribute to our work.


Our aim is to be a solution partner that provides a different perspective to our customers who possesses and implements the most basic knowledge of the work at the starting point of their projects.




In mineral processing plants, the resource material is converted into an economic product. The relationship between Input/Output should be taken into consideration in the basis of business management as well as engineering. The relationship between input and output should be evaluated under the definition of EFFICIENCY, and the ultimate goal of the facility should be defined as EFFECTIVENESS.


Increasing competition, environmental concerns, the difficulty of the mineral structure and the reduction of resources increase the need for sustainable approaches. Considering that energy consumption is one of the major expenditure items in production, it is important to manage resources in a correct and sustainable manner. The first step of this is to determine the difference between the current situation and the desired situation.


Achieving the desired situation can be ensured by improvement of the whole facility together and in line with the determined purposes. In order to provide all these, as MPES, we adopt holistic approaches.


In the first stage of the projects we are consulting, we collect the data coming from production in the most accurate way, we conduct the sampling systematically and interpret the data in a meaningful way. In the second stage, we determine the means to increase efficiency.

Our goals are clearly defined; we make sure that it is measurable, easy to understand, realistic and accessible to all personnel, and can be implemented in a clear time frame. In the final stage, we verify the validity of the collected data. We interpret by classifying and developing a management system that will be monitored throughout the plant to ensure a return to the system. In summary, we create comprehensive management from the improvement of the existing facility to the training of the personnel involved in the system.



MPES operates in three areas: engineering, software and continuing education.


Our engineering services include targets to increase the performance and economic gain of the facility. For this purpose, we offer modern solutions for capacity improvement and functional improvement in the field of mineral processing. In addition to conventional and modern grinding circuits, design and optimization requirements of all mineral processing plants are solved by MPES experts using scientific and advanced technology. In addition to our capabilities in size reduction, MPES provides mining engineering services in mining equipment selection, economic analysis of mining investments, mine design / optimization and mine planning.


In accordance with its mission of research and development, which is the founding purpose of the company, MPES develops special software for the needs of enterprises. These software allow for practical and reliable calculations during operations. At the same time, thanks to our cooperation abroad, we are the country and region representative of the software and simulators produced by the leading companies in the world.


MPES combines the best practises over 70 years of systematic mining and mineral processing experience together with its own methods in a hybrid way in industrial trainings. These trainings aim to tranfer refined knowledge to the industry for the solution of particular problems. There are several different level/type of trainings available.

Hülya Örtülü  Business Development Specialist

Hülya Örtülü

Business Development Specialist

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