Technical Due-diligence / Project Evaluation

It is critical to comprehensively assess the technical aspects of projects to ensure that any investment is based on solid data. Our technical team have experience verifying technical and physical aspects of a Project at all stages of development and identifying potential risks.

Preliminary Economic Assessment, Preliminary Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study

Types of technical and economic studies reflect different confidence levels of evaluating a mining project. The confidence levels relate to geological knowledge about the deposit and the economic estimates for the extraction of the deposit.

A Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) is to define the scope of the project, including preliminary engineering alternatives broad cost estimates.

A Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS) is a more advanced study that involves more detailed engineering. It also uses tighter cost estimates.

A Feasibility Study (FS) is the most advanced study that involves definitive engineering and detailed costing.

MPES offers services in all stages of technical and economic studies from PEA to PFS and FS providing technical foundation to reflect different confidence levels.NI43-101, JORC

Compliant Reports

MPES, with in-house QP/CPs, provides compliant technical reports in accordance with regulatory reporting requirements for different stages of mining projects.


Geotechnical Engineering

An effective geotechnical study is the foundation of any mining project. Our team provides services in design, implementation, and supervision of geotechnical investigations for all stages mining projects from scoping to feasibility studies.

Geological Modelling

An accurate geological model is the foundation of an effective and economic mine project.

MPES team put forth their skills in order to interpret geological structure and quality of ore deposits by constructing dynamic 3D geological models.

Our services cover stages from verification and compilation of historical exploration and mining datasets and integration to geological database followed by geological modelling, using defined geological criteria.

Resource Estimation

Experience in resource&reserve estimation and operational mining is the strength of MPES team.

Our services cover database management, creation of geological model, geostatistical analyses, resource estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping to feasibility studies and operating mines.

Pit Optimization

Our team offers trusted results on understanding the value of deposit, sensitivity and risk analysis, identification of development strategy for scoping to feasibility studies, and in the ongoing mine plans throughout the production phase.

Reserve Estimation

Experience in resource&reserve estimation and operational mining is the strength of MPES team.

Our services cover identification and evaluation of the modifying factors, preliminary overall mine design, reserve estimation and classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping to feasibility studies and operating mines.

Mine Scheduling

Our team has experience in short-term and long-term mine scheduling. We offer target-driven tactical planning to improve productivity and profits of mines.

Mine Design

Our team has strong operational and technical background We offer practical solutions in mining based on geotechnical, hydrogeological, environmental and economic considerations.

Mine Equipment Selection

Our team not only has experience in selection of equipment for multitude of mining methods but also is the designer of generic and tailored software for mine equipment selection.

Mine Economic Evaluation

All evaluation studies within the context mining is the means to determine the economic viability of mineral extraction. Our team has vast experience in economic evaluation of mines on multitude of commodities and mining and processing methods, for all stages of projects from scoping to feasibility studies.


Within our consultancy services, we target to increase the performance and economic gain of the plants. For this purpose, we offer modern solutions for capacity improvement and functional improvement in the field of mineral processing. In addition to conventional and modern grinding circuits, design and optimization requirements of all ore preparation plants are solved by MPES experts using scientific and advanced technology. In addition to known engineering approaches in mineral processing industry; MPES uses Population Balance-PBM and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) methods as main modelling methods in its services. In this context, MPES provides detailed engineering analysis, carried out to improve product quality and productivity in;

  • Ball and Rod Mill Systems,

  • Autogenous / Semi-Autogenous (AG / SAG) Grinding Circuits,

  • Mill Linings,

  • Crushing-Screening and Classification Systems,

  • Flotation,

  • Plant Design and Optimization.

In this context, the main issues that we can provide services are listed below in detail.

Experimental Evaluation

MPES provides experimental program for the particular mining/mineral processing project. Comments and interprets on the extracted data from the experiments to prepare a design criterion for the project. MPES also carries out and analyze certain type of size reduction experiments (Bond ball mill, drop weight, selection and breakage function parameters and so on)

Plant Design

MPES carries out plan design especially for metallic minerals at scoping, pre-feaisbility- feasibility and bankable-feasibility levels. MPES experts can sign the bankable-feasibilities.

Plant Optimization

The plant optimization starts with the review of the plant to analyse current situation. After primary efficiency indicators identified the sampling campaigns and lab-scale experiments are carried out. After 4 to 8 months study solid objects for plant capacity increase is proposed. The plant identity charts are obtained (power, filling, liner profiles).

Plant Economics

For any type of study (scoping to plant optimization), the cash flow analysis for the project is carried out.